Category: COVID-19

Frequently asked questions about Furry Weekend Atlanta’s COVID-19 policy for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022.

Are you keeping a copy of my vaccination record?

No.  Your helpful registration staff member will verify your proof and complete your registration.  We will not be keeping any private health information for any of our staff, volunteers or attendees.

What if I lose / forget / don’t have my proof of vaccination?

  • You will not be granted access to the event space.  Everyone present at FWA 2022 must provide proof of vaccination.
  • The provider who vaccinated you should be able to get you another vaccination record.
  • If you were vaccinated in Georgia, you may be able to get a copy of your vaccination record from the Georgia Immunization Registry by going to this site and submitting the form “Request for State of Georgia Official Immunization Record”

Who must be vaccinated?

Everyone present at the event.  This includes…

    1. All FWA staff members, volunteers and talent.
    2. All attendees, parents and chaperones.