Category: COVID-19

Frequently asked questions about Furry Weekend Atlanta’s COVID-19 policy for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022.

What happens if I forget my mask?

We all forget from time to time!  If entering or inside an exclusive convention space, you will be reminded that it’s required and asked to retrieve your own face coverings or take one of our complementary ones if they are still available.

Blatant disregard of the mask requirement may result in the cancellation of your Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022 registration without refund and loss of access to all exclusive event spaces.

What if I am unable or unwilling to wear a mask?

We hope you will consider attending a future Furry Weekend Atlanta event!  You will not be permitted entry to Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022 event spaces without a mask or face covering.

What kinds of face coverings are acceptable?

Examples of acceptable commercial masks are N95, KN95, PM 2.5 or surgical masks.  Cloth face coverings must snugly and completely cover the nose and mouth.  Masks with exhalation vents are not acceptable.

What is an exclusive convention space?

We can only ask that attendees wear face coverings within areas of the hotel that are exclusively dedicated to Furry Weekend Atlanta.  This includes the staffed registration area and rooms or spaces where you must scan your wristband to gain entry.  Open spaces in the Marquis, Lobby, and Atrium levels along with the restaurants and shops are not exclusively dedicated to Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Do I need a CoVID-19 vaccine booster?

We strongly encourage all our attendees who are eligible to receive a booster to get one!  You are not required to have one to attend FWA 2022, however.