How Do I Help?

If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer, please see the section below called “How do I get started?”

At Furry Weekend Atlanta, volunteers are more than just helping hands; they are the heartbeat of our community. Volunteering is a unique and enriching experience that allows you to be an integral part of the magic that makes FWA come alive. From ensuring events run smoothly to providing a welcoming atmosphere, our volunteers are the unsung heroes who make it all possible.

Why Volunteer?

Community: Be a part of a team that shares your passion for the furry fandom.
Impact: Your efforts directly contribute to the success and enjoyment of everyone attending.
Exclusive Perks: Enjoy special benefits reserved for our dedicated volunteers.

Your Role Matters

Whether you're guiding attendees, managing queues, or assisting with events, your role as a volunteer is invaluable. Each task you undertake adds a layer of excellence to the FWA experience, ensuring that it remains a memorable occasion for all.Community: Be a part of a team that shares your passion for the furry fandom.

"How do I get started?"

It’s easy! Simply join our Public FWA Discord and answer “Yes” when asked if you’re interested in volunteering.

If you’re interested in helping a specific area, let us know in Discord or reach out to that area’s Coordinator.


All Volunteers must abide by both hotel and convention rules and procedures. Not only are we here as attendees, but also as members of the con as a whole. Whilst volunteering, please be sure to be courteous and respectful of your fellow congoers and always make the most of your time spent helping backstage.

There is no age requirement! As long as you are a valid con attendee, you are welcome to volunteer; though minors must have a signed and notarized permission slip from a parent or legal guardian.

There is no minimum time commitment for volunteers! Volunteer as much or as little as you prefer –it is your time you are dedicating. Just be sure to sign in and out on your time sheet.

At-event volunteers must have a valid registration to volunteer.


Make sure to log your hours on site with an area Coordinator so you get proper credit. It is your responsibility to submit your hours in the area you are volunteering for so that your hours can be credited. Volunteer hours earned before March 31st count towards that year’s convention. Hours earned do not carry over to the next convention year.

Here’s how we like to say thank you:

Volunteering at the convention
6 hours - Volunteers receive an exclusive special gift!
12 hours - Volunteers receive the special gift and half off registration for the next convention year
18 hours - Volunteers receive the special gift and Free registration for the next convention year

Volunteering before the Convention
20 hours - Volunteers receive a Con Store gift
40 hours - Con Store Gift + half off registration for the next year
60 hours - Con Store Gift + Free registration for the next convention year

We understand that the time available at the convention is limited and valuable, so those volunteers that give time at the convention are awarded volunteer hours at a premium.

Fursuiting While Volunteering:
Whilst you are welcome to suit while helping, time spent in suit does not officially count towards volunteering. This is because, as volunteers, we must be able to speak to attendees and staff alike whilst being easily understood. We are also called upon to perform tasks such as operating communication devices, managing wires, check badges, and/or move quickly (and safely) up and down stairs in large crowds.

* If this is your first time helping us, we ask that you apply as a volunteer to see if you find working at the con suitable for you.