Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is produced and controlled by Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., a Georgia-incorporated non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to advancing anthropomorphic fan activities in the Southeast and throughout the country.

Furry weekend Atlanta, Inc.’s leadership is made up of four leadership groups:

  • Board of Directors
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Coordinators

Who each take part in making sure we have a successful organization and event every year.

Board of Directors

Furry Weekend Atlanta’s charter specifies that the organization be overseen by a Board of Directors. This board is tasked with bringing an outside perspective to our organization to help our teams stay relevant within the communities they serve. Their goal is to make sure Furry Weekend Atlanta stays successful by driving long term strategies. 

The Board of Directors consists of:

  • Tiger Paw
  • Odin
  • Ranan
  • Feartree


Our Executives are responsible for the overall operations, growth and development of Furry Weekend Atlanta as an organization. They work closely with our Directors as a group, communicating vision, purpose and plans to support Furry Weekend Atlanta’s continued improvement. Executives are Furry Weekend Atlanta’s “C-Level” leaders of the organization and are held accountable by its Board of Directors.

The Executives consist of:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Ranan


Our Directors are responsible for a group of areas within Furry Weekend Atlanta. They are responsible for the management of all Coordinators in their group. Directors work together to develop techniques and strategies to improve the organization, and are in charge of advising the Executives and Board Members on the needs of our organization and its community. Directors are held accountable by Furry Weekend Atlanta’s Executives.

Our Directors consist of:

  • Production Director, Spencer.
  • Gaming Director, Kigurumi.
  • Safety Director, Mustang
  • Operations Director, Odin
  • Creative Director, Source
  • Communications Director, Gomi Deer
  • Special Events Director, Dash
  • Registration Director, Dens
  • Hotels Director, AllOneWord


Our Coordinators are responsible for a specific area within our organization and they provide direction to the staffers in their operating area. They assist Furry Weekend Atlanta’s Directors in understanding their area’s needs as well as implementing any goals their Director provides to them. Coordinators are held accountable by Furry Weekend Atlanta’s Directors.

Our organization is made up of over 150 Staffers and Volunteers, all equally important in making Furry Weekend Atlanta happen every year. Our leadership is held accountable to each other, but more importantly they are held accountable to our staff and our community.