Board Gaming

Attention all bounty hunters! If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the space station, there have been rumors of a seedy tavern located deep in the abandoned storage quadrants. If you’re think you’re tough enough, find your way to the Broken Rook Saloon, kick back with a cold one, and join your fellow hunters in some friendly competition. (Or cooperation!) Just be careful of bar fights and shady figures – you never know what might happen when the sheriffs aren’t looking…

The Furry Weekend Atlanta board gaming room is proud to boast one of the largest tabletop gaming collections of any convention out there with over 300 unique games, events at all hours of the day, and a fantastic staff that’s always willing to help your group start up a game. Flying solo? There’s always room at our tables – the tabletop gaming room is one of the best places to meet fellow bounty hunters!

View a full list of our board games, here .