Board Gaming

Welcome to the Student Center. When you need a place to unwind and take a break from your studies, we're the place to stretch your legs, play some cards and roll some dice. Gather with a group of your friends or sit down at a table of strangers and make new friends.

The Student Center has collected over 600 games and all of them are free to rent out. Will you enhance your business management skills with Monopoly? Study physics with Jenga? Brush up on your Spanish with Uno? Practice some psychology with a game of Werewolf? The student center is sure to have something you'll enjoy from the classics to modern day favorites like Scythe and Terraforming Mars.

If you need some down time, try the new Gentle room section. Its a designated quieter area, and will have some one to 2 player games and activities. If you're feeling particularly extroverted, try our social games area. We also have a Table Top RPG track.

We also have some play and win games as well as a few tournaments. These are your opportunities to walk away with a souvenir of your time at Furry University. We have some Showcase events as well which give you a chance to try an new game. Our most popular events are the Let's Play, where you will have a chance to learn and play a popular game. Whether its a favorite, or one you've wanted to try, we'll give you a chance to play it.

Whether you're looking to pass 30 minutes between classes or wanted to spend the day throwing dice, we have something that will meet your needs. Stop by the Student Center and check us out!