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Board Gaming

Polish Yer Peglegs, sharpen yer cutlass and practice your "Arrrr" as the Black Galleon and its phantasmal crew bacon you aboard its haunted Deck. Set sail this spectral craft and castaway your worries about the landlubbers elsewhere. Roll the bones with friend and rival alike. Consort with new faces and disembodied spirits. Just take care with whom ye play, lest you fall to Davey Jones and become an eternal member of the Black Galleon.

The Furry Weekend Atlanta board gaming room is proud to boast one of the largest tabletop gaming collections of any convention out there with over 300 unique games, events at all hours of the day, and a fantastic staff that's always willing to help your group start up a game. Flying solo? There's always room at our tables - the tabletop gaming room is one of the best places to meet fellow shipmates!