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Contact Us

Most departments/areas have an email that goes to the person heading up that area. Please allow a few days for an answer as everyone is volunteer and quite busy with jobs etc.

Advertising[email protected]
App Help[email protected]
Artist Alley[email protected]
Board Gaming[email protected]
Branding[email protected]
Charity[email protected]
Con Store[email protected]
CONOPS (Security)[email protected]
Dealers Den[email protected]
DJs[email protected]
Entertainment / Main Events[email protected]
Fursuit Dance Competition[email protected]
Fursuiting[email protected]
God Level Suite / Hospitality[email protected]
Hotel[email protected]
Media Relations[email protected]
Print Shop[email protected]
Programming[email protected]
Public Relations[email protected]
Questions / Feedback[email protected]
Registration[email protected]
Video Gaming[email protected]
Volunteering[email protected]
Webmaster[email protected]