Special Guests

Michael Kovach

Michael Kovach is a Seattle-based voice actor and internet personality known for voicing fan favorite characters in popular indie animations 'The Amazing Digital Circus', ‘Lackadaisy’, ‘Murder Drones’, ‘Hazbin Hotel’ (pilot episode) video games ‘Poppy Playtime’, ‘SMITE’, anime Dragon Goes House-Hunting’, ‘Adkudama Drive’, and more.

Outside of voice acting, he can be found behind a microphone as a variety streamer on Twitch and as the co-host of ‘HuniCast’, a YouTube-based live podcast created by himself and his partner, Ashley Nichols, where internet creatives come together to talk shop, interact with fans, perform, and raise money for projects and charity.

While he hasn’t worked on My Little Pony (and only saw the first season of Friendship is Magic), Michael has collaborated with series songwriter Daniel Ingram on songs for the upcoming video game, ‘Billie Bust Up. Additionally, his partner Ashley will be joining him at the convention, and with her many years within the fandom, Michael may end up knowing TOO much…

Ashley Nichols

Ashley Nichols is an animator, voice actor, and creator of @FarFetchedShow. She has done animation work on popular animations such as 'Lackadaisy', 'Animaniacs', 'Hazbin Hotel' (Pilot Episode), 'Ollie & Scoops' and has been the voice of 'Zooble' in 'The Amazing Digital Circus', and 'Lacy' in 'Lackadaisy Cats'.