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Staff Openings


Thanks for being interested in joining our amazing staff of Furry Weekend Atlanta. From our commitment to Southern Hospitality, to making sure each attendee enjoys the con to it’s fullest, our staff reaps the benefits of being part of one of the fastest growing cons in the furry fandom!

Furry Weekend Atlanta is a complete volunteer operation, but that does not mean there are no rewards for being staff - keep reading to see what being on staff entails as well as what fringe benefits staff can receive. Oh and... staffing is blast and will introduce you to some new life long friends!

Staff Responsibilities

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta staffers must always display their very best Southern Hospitality. This means showing kindness, warmth, and welcoming of visitors to the event. This is a must. You should treat all guests like they are special, because without them we just won’t happen!
  • Furry Weekend Atlanta staffers must have a willingness to put in the time it takes to make their section and the con a whole a success!
  • Staff members should have a good idea as to where you want to work within the convention, even if it is as a "floater" or general-purpose staff member who goes from job to job as needed.
  • We do have meetings! Although we understand that not everyone can take their time out from life, we would love to see you attend!
  • Staff should be available to help set up and tear down their sections (and others) so the con can run smoothly. Although not necessary, arriving on Wednesday and or leaving on Monday to help setup/tear down goes a long way to making the con a success!

We are flexible! However if you don’t feel that you can contribute enough; we would still love to have you as a volunteer!

How Do I Join?

If you have an interest in becoming a member of FWA staff please apply to be a staff member by clicking the button below!

Currently Open Positions

Furry Weekend Atlanta is currently expanding its staffing needs in many areas of the convention so that we can support some of the big plans we have in the future! Our team is actively looking for help with the following departments:

  • Artist Alley
  • Community Outreach (local applicants only)
  • Con Store
  • Creative Team
  • Dance Competition
  • Dealers Den
  • Fursuiting
  • Main Events
  • Panels and Programming
  • Printshop
  • Registration
  • Social Media
  • Software Development
  • Video Game Room
  • Workshop

To apply for one of these positions, please fill out the application above! Interested in helping out in another capacity? That's okay! Go ahead and fill out the application and tell us what you're interested in!

Staff Rewards

  • Free admission to the convention!
  • A Staff badge!
  • A staff gift! (And it’s really cool too!)
  • A year specific staff shirt
  • Staff dinner! At the end of the con we love showing our support by treating y’all to food and drink!
  • Staff Parties! These usually take place in the Atlanta area, after the convention. We’ve done boat trips and water parks and more than our fair share of potlucks!
  • Promotion from within: as upper level staffing positions open, generally, preference is given to current staff. Especially staff that have distinguished themselves as hard and intelligent workers.
  • Oh and that oh so good feeling of helping out, the smiles of the attendees and that feeling you get when you’ve just done a really well done bang up job. Bliss.

Coordinator & Director Openings

To view our open coordinator and director positions, follow the link below: