Staff Openings


Thank you for being interested in joining our staff here at Furry Weekend Atlanta! Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity that holds an annual furry convention in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as operates a Community Center in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is a completely volunteer operation. Our convention and community space are only possible because of our driven staff who donate their valuable time and energy to bettering both our local and global furry community.


Time commitment depends heavily on your position. All staff are expected to spend some amount of time helping during at the con (if your position is “year-round” usually this means a few hours helping in registration).


To apply for a staffing role, please follow the link here:

Staff Application

To apply for a coordinator role, please follow the link here:

Coordinator Application

There will be a question asking what positions you’re interested in, you may include more than one area/position as an interest. Please try to answer all questions completely.


While we might be a volunteer organization, there are still plenty of benefits to being a staff member!
  • Free admission to the convention.
  • A staff badge.
  • A staff gift (it’s different every year and always REALLY cool).
  • A year-specific staff shirt
  • Staff dinner!
    • At the end of the con, we love showing our support by treating our staff to food and drink.
  • Staff parties!
    • These usually take place in the Atlanta area throughout the year. We’ve done boat trips, water parks, comedy shows, and more than our fair share of potlucks!
  • Maker/Creative Space
    • We have a lot of tools and spaces at the Atlanta (Norcross specifically) based FWAffice that our staff are able to use once trained on them.
  • Promotion From Within
    • As upper-level staffing positions open, preference is generally given to current staff first. Especially staff that have distinguished themselves as hard and knowledgeable workers.
  • That good good feeling of helping out, the smiles of attendees, and that feeling you get when you’ve just done an incredible job.
Some positions may come with additional benefits not listed here, such as access to tools and/or services through FWA.

Don't See A Role That Fits?

That's okay! We have needs across all our departments that may not be listed here yet. Go ahead and apply and let us know what you think you'd be able to help us with!