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Attendee Policies

At Furry Weekend Atlanta, we pride ourselves on giving our attendees the best experience we can in the safest and most inclusive environment possible. If you have any concerns about your safety or the safety of other attendees while at FWA, please contact us immediately. We cannot remedy things we do not know. 

All formally submitted complaints or concerns will be documented and discussed within a reasonable amount of time. If you have a complaint or concern regarding another attendee,  possible attendee or staff member we ask that you contact us at [email protected]

During the convention, if an issue arises, we ask that you direct the issue or complaint to Con Ops or a FWA Director. Those issues will be documented and addressed immediately. 

If there is an emergency and the personal safety of you or others is in danger, please call 911. The Atlanta Police Department non-emergency phone number for Zone 5 is 404-658-7830.

Furry Weekend Atlanta reserves the right to revoke or suspend membership and passes, without refunds, for not following the attendee policies stated below. Any laws broken, city, state, or federal, will be handled by the local law enforcement agencies.

Memberships and Convention Space: “Convention space” is defined as all areas leased by Furry Weekend Atlanta for the convention. This includes all convention space and suites, other miscellaneous rooms, or vehicles that may be under Furry Weekend Atlanta’s control.

Members granted access to Furry Weekend Atlanta and its convention space will be identified by a convention membership wristband. Membership wristbands are the property of Furry Weekend Atlanta for the duration of the convention and must be visibly displayed at all times when in convention space. They must be presented or surrendered to any staff member upon request.

Furry Weekend Atlanta membership wristbands are issued to a single individual and are not to be shared or duplicated in any way, shape or form. Any person caught using a membership wristband other than their own will have that wristband confiscated and will be asked to either purchase a valid membership or leave the convention space. Any member knowingly allowing another person to use their wristband will have their membership revoked and may be banned from the convention and convention space indefinitely.

Should your wristband be lost or stolen, you must visit registration to have the wristband deactivated immediately upon discovering that it is lost. Furry Weekend Atlanta will replace your wristband as a courtesy, at no cost to you. However, if Furry Weekend Atlanta finds suspicious activity with your membership, Furry Weekend Atlanta reserves the right to request that you purchase a full-price membership to replace the lost wristband.

If your wristband is too tight, or If you need to cut or remove your wristband for any reason, please bring all pieces of it along with ID to registration as soon as possible for a replacement. 

Registration is the primary source of income for Furry Weekend Atlanta and therefore acts of forgery or falsification of registration information are taken very seriously. Anyone found with a forged wristband or to have provided false registration information, including payment information, will be removed from convention space and barred from attending future Furry Weekend Atlanta Conventions. Anyone repeatedly attempting to enter the convention without a legitimately purchased or obtained membership will be turned over to local authorities on charges of Theft of Services and Criminal Trespass.

Lifetime Membership Registration: As of our event in 2022, Furry Weekend Atlanta now offers a Lifetime Membership to its attendees. Attendees who purchase the Lifetime Membership will receive an attending level membership for every year that the event exists. Lifetime Memberships and the associated yearly attending registration is not transferable, even if the lifetime member is unable to attend.  If, for any reason, a Lifetime Membership holder is removed from the convention, their membership for that year will be revoked. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the Lifetime membership may be revoked as well. No refunds will be provided. 

Rating: All public spaces in the hotel are to be considered under a PG-13 rating. Please keep in mind that other patrons of the hotel and possibly minors may be present, and your behavior reflects on the fandom as a whole. All daytime convention programming will have no more than a PG-13 rating. Some evening events may be rated 18+, sometimes referred to as “After Dark or AD” events, may feature mature topics and strong language, and minors will not be permitted to attend these events. These events are verified and properly marked on our schedule. Nightly DJs and Main Events may contain strong language and content not suitable for all audiences. As such, DJs and Main Events occurring after 9:00p are considered “Rated R.” 

After Dark (AD) marked events: Specifically marked events scheduled after 9:00pm each day of the convention are considered “After Dark” events. This means that the content inside of the event is mature in nature and anyone under 18 years old will not be permitted to attend. After Dark events may occur in Panel Rooms, Ball Rooms, Hotel Suites, or other specifically marked areas. Common space inside of the hotel must ALWAYS be suitable for all audiences. When going to or from an After Dark event, attendees’ wardrobe must be in line with a PG-13 rating. 

Minors: A minor at Furry Weekend Atlanta is classified as an attendee who is under the age of 18 as of opening ceremonies, regardless of the actual day of the convention on which they arrive. A minor attending Furry Weekend Atlanta must either have a parent or legal guardian accompanying them at all times or a signed and notarized parental permission form on file with Furry Weekend Atlanta. Minors will have a specific wristband clearly identifying them as a minor. Minors will be barred from attending certain events at Furry Weekend Atlanta which may feature mature themes unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Minors under 13 years of age must have a chaperone present and with them at all times they are in convention space.

Any attempt to forge or falsify documentation relating to age or identity will result in immediate removal from the convention and will result in the person in question being turned over to the local authorities.


We ask that all attendees follow common sense rules for your behavior and interactions with others. Show some southern hospitality while you’re here – Be kind, be respectful, and be responsible. We are here to make memories with our friends and community.

The volunteers of FWA spend a lot of time throughout the year creating props, sets, engagement pieces, and specialty equipment. Treat them with respect so that all can enjoy. Destruction or tampering of any FWA property may result in your membership being revoked.

For the safety of everyone, disruptive behaviors such as fighting, horseplay, reckless behavior, and excessive noise are not allowed, and sometimes illegal. 

Loud and excessive use of explicit language or obscene gestures will be considered harassment and treated as such.

While in public areas of the hotel, do not throw any physical objects as this is a direct violation of hotel policy and will result in immediate removal by hotel security. Our hotel has a lot of floors, do not risk your membership or the safety of others. Stay away from the rails if you are holding any loose objects. 

We ask that our attendees not attempt to enter into any areas where they are not supposed to go. This includes crossing barriers set up by the convention (such as curtains or ropes) and areas of the hotel where guests are not usually permitted.

There will be no sleeping in public areas of the hotel (including the lobby, hallways, meeting rooms or other public areas), as well as in parked cars in the parking lot. Individuals who sleep in public areas risk being removed from the building.

Please be respectful and ask permission for hugs, pets, and other types of attention. It does not matter how cute and adorable they are, you still have to ask. Also, please do not grab fursuit or costume tails, noses, or other extremities without asking permission as you can cause damage. 

The furry community is known for its friendly hugging, scritching, and holding hands, all of which is entirely acceptable. However, please keep in mind that not all people may share the same view of what is acceptable in public. Common sense should be a good measure in what behaviors are permissible in public. Regardless, if you feel the need to express deep, physical affection for another we ask that you kindly retire to your hotel room. PLEASE don’t make the staff have to ask you – it’s uncomfortable for us and embarrassing for you.

If you are caught portraying yourself as a representative or staff member of Furry Weekend Atlanta, you will be immediately expelled from the convention and barred from attending future conventions.

Furthermore, please remember that you are a guest at a hotel, and that others not associated with the convection will be present. We ask that you treat them with respect and show them what an amazing community we are. If these guests are not showing you the same type of respect, please notify us immediately.


Harassment is unwelcome and offensive conduct will not be tolerated from any other person or group. At Furry Weekend Atlanta, harassment of any kind, whether physical, sexual, or verbal, is not allowed and strictly enforced. 

We do not tolerate any racism, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or hate speech or action against anyone or any group.

Remember that “no” means no and that if someone asks you to “leave them alone” you must respect their request. 

Fursuits, costumes, and cosplay are not consent. You do not have the right to touch, comment, or bother someone (“cat calling”) because of what they are wearing.

Security is not responsible for solving interpersonal problems. They are not bodyguards, and can act only when a credible threat is presented to one or more members of the convention that affects the general welfare of the convention as a whole. We will assist anyone with getting law enforcement involved in a situation where necessary.  We are unable to take any actions against a person who has allegations against them without having law enforcement involved, unless a previous protective order (or other legal document) has been filed and is being violated.

Security also takes a dim view of wrongful accusation, and it will be dealt with as a form of harassment.

Any of these violations may result in your membership being revoked and the matter being referred to local law enforcement.

Appropriate Dress and Costumes:

Furry Weekend Atlanta does not allow clothing items that depict text or imagery of any type of hate, harassment, or discrimination.

The hotel requires that “shirts, pants, and shoes” are required for all public areas of the hotel. This is for your safety and the safety of everyone else. The state of Georgia has public nudity laws, you must wear clothing in public areas. Unnecessarily revealing clothing is the same as not wearing any at all. Use common sense here, if you think you’re going to get in trouble, do not risk it. 

We ask that you keep your attire PG-13 at all times. We understand that while attending our event you may choose to go to panels, events, or parties rated 18+. We ask our attendees who choose to wear any clothing, gear, or wardrobe geared for adult use remain covered while in public spaces. This includes elevators, hallways, skybridges, and other walkways.

Collars, leashes, and harnesses are allowed with your normal or costume attire.

Because of safety concerns and choking hazards, leashes, if used, cannot be hanging freely from the wearer and not attached to any other person. 

Cosplay and props are allowed and encouraged! However, unnecessary large or obtrusive cosplays can become a safety issue during peak times. Please be aware of your surroundings and not not block any entrances or exits.

Non-functioning prop weapons are allowed as long as they do not look like a real weapon in any way. Any other prop weapons should look obviously fake in both form and color. If it looks like a real gun, even with an orange tip, it is not allowed.  Please refer to the “Weapon and Prop Weapon Policy” for details.   

Clothing, costumes and prop weapons should be in good taste and FWA reserves the right to make a final determination on the suitability for any clothing, costume, or prop in convention space. This policy may be modified at any time in the interest of attendee safety.

If you are found to be wearing anything that could cause an increased risk of harassment, violence, or cause any other safety concerns, you will be asked to leave the convention space. These decisions are final and any disputes will lead to immediate removal from the convention. 

Alcohol and Drugs: The possession or use of alcohol is prohibited in all public areas of the convention (excluding the Bar and Restaurant area, or temporary cash bar area). The legal age to buy and consume alcoholic beverages in Georgia is 21. Anyone who knowingly contributes to the delinquency of a minor by providing alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 21 will be expelled from the convention and reported to local authorities. 

Furry Weekend Atlanta absolutely does not condone and will not tolerate the use or distribution of illegal substances during the convention. Any individual found to be selling, possessing or distributing illegal substances – whether in public or in a room – will be immediately expelled from the convention, barred from attending future conventions, and turned over to local authorities.

Weapons: To ensure the safety of all of our attendees and other people in the hotel, Furry Weekend will be strictly enforcing a ban on weapons at the convention. If it looks like a weapon or could easily be mistaken for a weapon, we don’t want to see it in the convention area. Functioning weapons will absolutely not be tolerated. 

Pets: While we all love animals and want them to be part of our lives, for the safety of all attendees we must ask that pets not be brought into the convention area. Exceptions are made for working service animals and animals that may be part of presentations that have been cleared with Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Merchandise Sales: Any sales of merchandise outside of the Dealers Den, Artist Alley, and Art Show areas of the convention are a violation of state law and hotel policy. Anyone caught doing so without the express permission from the FWA Directors may be removed from the hotel.

Audio Recording, Video Recording, and Photography: Video and audio recording and photography for personal archival use is permitted and encouraged. However, absolutely no commercial or media usage of any video, audio, or photographic recordings collected at Furry Weekend Atlanta, by any source or obtained through any third party, is allowed unless permitted under the Furry Weekend Atlanta Media Activities policy outlined below.

Always be sure to ask permission and act kindly towards others when taking photographs or recording. You must refrain from recording or photographing any person who clearly expresses that he or she does not want to be recorded or photographed, and you may not distribute recordings or photographs that contain audio or video of said person(s), though you may edit out said person(s) and distribute the remaining footage under the Furry Weekend Atlanta Media Activities Policy.

Undercover Devices: Undercover or “hidden” microphones or cameras utilized with the intention of recording are prohibited for the safety and security of our attendees. 

Drones, Flying Devices, and Selfie Sticks: For the safety of everyone, drones, flying devices, selfie sticks, and other large extension tools with or without cameras, are not permitted to be used in convention space. This includes non powered devices such as balloons, wires, and poles. 

Live Streaming and Video Blogging: With the advancement of technology and the shift of media consumption, the following rules have been added to ensure the safety, privacy, and wellbeing of our attendees and guests.

Live streaming for personal and commercial use are not allowed. This includes the use of live streaming apps or platforms on any electronic device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.).

Video blogging, sometimes referred to as vlogs, of snippets or your entire experience at Furry Weekend Atlanta for personal use are allowed. However, some of this content can be very disruptive to other attendees, and large productions are not allowed. In other words, if you are using multiple devices and/or people to record audio, video, and photographs, you are crossing into territory that falls under our Press and Media Activities Policies.

Press and Media Activities: Any attendee wishing to use media captured at Furry Weekend Atlanta (either audio or video) for any purpose other than private use will fall under Furry Weekend Atlanta’s Media Access Policy and must have a Press Membership. Attendees bearing a membership not specifically designated as a ‘Press Membership’ agree not to act as agents of any media organization in any way, shape, or form while attending Furry Weekend Atlanta. This includes, but is not limited to: interviewing, photography, and audiovisual recording.

It shall be understood that Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc. retains all rights to all audiovisual recordings made at Furry Weekend Atlanta as well as the use of the Furry Weekend Atlanta name and logo, unless such use is specifically disclaimed or not permitted by contract.

Indemnity: By purchasing or accepting a membership to Furry Weekend Atlanta, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., its directors and staff, the providers of its computing facilities, and the owners, directors and staff of the convention facilities utilized by Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., from any liability or direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages resulting from any action or inaction on your or our behalf while attending Furry Weekend Atlanta. You further agree that any court proceedings against Furry Weekend Atlanta will take place in Fulton County, Georgia, United States and that, in the event that Furry Weekend Atlanta is found liable, our liability will be limited to a total of zero ($0.00) dollars.

Final Notes: The Directors of FWA shall have the final say in any interpretation of or dispute involving these rules. Security personnel will enforce these rules and have discretionary power to stop any activities that may pose a danger to the convention or the welfare of individual attendees. 

These rules are intended to keep all members of the convention safe and happy. We never anticipate having to enforce them, but are prepared to do so quickly and efficiently if necessary and may change or modify any policy at any time without notice. Always remember that the ultimate goal of Furry Weekend Atlanta is to have fun – just keep others in mind when doing so and be safe.