Interactive Engagement Project Grant

FWA Interactive Engagement Project Grant

We want to help you create a highly interactive, community driven and related engagement activities or art during the Furry Weekend Atlanta convention. At times Work on projects like these can be substantial, with a significant cost - the end result is a great idea that lies dead in the water. We want to help you make these awesome ideas come to life! We may supply funding, space, volunteers, equipment, supplies, or other help to make your project a reality!

This grant is available to individuals, art groups, or other formal or informal community groups. We are looking for something to engage a very large group, if not everyone, at FWA! Each project should somehow tie into the current theme, and anthropomorphics in general.

Monetary Grants range from $200 to $2000 -  We will select up to 4 for FWA 2022

Project could be, for example:

  • Something to give away
  • Something to experience and or educate, a structure or maybe event.
  • A thing to look at and interact with physically or electronically
  • Something fun for attendees to do, perhaps with the purpose to find new friends
  • A workshop or display where something is made but others could watch

We do not fund:

  • Static work with no interaction component - gallery work, photography, films, website, publications
  • Touring or exhibitions of previously created art
  • Transportation
  • Creation of something that will benefit one person, or engage only a small / specific group
  • Businesses, vendors, or others who would like us to hire them to attend FWA

All applications will be reviewed by jury. Funding is not automatically and fully provided up front upon project acceptance - You agree to work with FWA staff and provide updates and receipts so we can ensure your dream becomes a reality at FWA!

We may grant additional projects that may only require space, volunteers, or perhaps just a few supplies.

The FWA Board of Directors has final say on all applications, builds, and processes. Must be PG-13 as these projects will be displayed or take place in a public space in the convention areas. Any remaining materials or supplies become the property of Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc. Due to tax implications, all built items also become the property of Furry Weekend Atlanta.

How does this work if the application is accepted?

Once the application is accepted, we will work with you regarding the budget, design, what we will supply. We will set a communication schedule and project phases where we may reimburse, or order directly, supplies and materials for your project. Everything will be agreed on before the project will start, so everyone understands what the expectation is!