Advertising Policy

Corporate Sponsorship

This is for companies outside the fandom that would like to partner with FWA and have their products showcased. Benefits range from a booth/table in convention space, to printed advertising banners and advertising projected in the Main Events Room, to products showcased on stage and around the convention.

Please contact us for more information so we can customize our partnership to fit your needs!

Local Area Advertising

For Atlanta local restaurants, stores, and attractions. Have your ad in our online app. Features a map icon, a special mention in our ‘things to do’ section, as well as an ad on our social media side of the app re-displayed 5 times per day! Thousands will see it. For package details and pricing, please email [email protected]!

Dealer Advertising

Furry Weekend Atlanta offers discounted rates for in-fandom dealers, artists, and other creators. For more information on Dealer exclusive offers, click here!

Dealer Sponsorship

Go big, with full-screen ads projected in the Main Events Room during day events as well as displayed during the Fursuit Dance Competition and other major events, on our 18′ screens (Image size: 1080×720)! Also includes an ad on the app, re-displayed 5 times per day.

Dealer Logo

Have your icon or other logo projected in the Main Events Room during day events (Image size: 480×480)! Also includes an ad on the app, once per day.

Ad/Flyer/Sign Sponsorship

Let us put out your fandom specific business cards, flyers or small signs around the convention! Supply us what you want handed out and they’ll be distributed around the con, and put them on the ‘flyer table’ (Max size 8.5″x11″ – no posters)

Not seeing exactly what what you’re interested in? Contact us at [email protected] and tell us what you had in mind, so we can discuss getting your ads seen at Furry Weekend Atlanta!

If you are interested in showcasing your product(s) at Furry Weekend Atlanta, please contact [email protected].