What can I wear to the Moonlight Festival?

Our policy on wardrobe is that the following areas must be covered:

  • Buttocks
  • Genitals
  • Nipples (male, female, non-binary)

We have spent a lot of time creating this policy as we want to be inclusive to everyone regardless of their identity. However, we prioritize the safety of everyone who attends our event and must abide by the laws set by the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

We encourage our guests to dress within their comfort level and within these guidelines. Embrace your self expression through attire and gear such as fursuits, latex, leather, neoprene, rubber, PVC, and lace.  We do ask our guests, however, to avoid any liquid to solid coverings “as clothes” such as liquid latex and body paint. You are more than welcome to wear these with the above mentioned areas additionally covered.

Leashes, Collars, Cuffs, and harnesses are welcome. For Safety, please do not hold on to another person’s leash. 

Please remember that while traveling to/from the event space, you must be fully covered as per City of Atlanta and State of Georgia laws. A coat check system is available to you inside of the room.