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Frequently asked questions about Furry Weekend Atlanta’s Print Shop services.

Will you take submissions for NSFW (Adult) art?

Yes, and we will have procedures in place to make sure they are not viewable, purchasable, or left out where any minors might be exposed to art of this nature. This may also include shipping the art to the purchaser after the convention, free of charge.

Does the artist need to attend the convention in person?

No, we will take any artist’s work and add it so anybody that wants a print can buy one from the artist. The artist will get paid for anything they sell whether they attend the convention or not. We will do all the work.

How do I submit my art?

Currently (we are working on a better way) you will email [email protected], we will send you a Dropbox “Get” request and you will upload your art to a folder specific to you. In your request we will need the specifics of your order. We will need need: How many? What size? Glossy or Matte?

What file format and resolution is preferred?

Any of the common file formats are acceptable but if you use a format that loses too much quality for print due to compression we may have to reject it until you can submit a better quality file, either through raised dpi, different file type, or both. You should be using a minimum 300 dpi for the specified size of your artwork. Also please specify whether the art should be Matte or Glossy when you are submitting.