Category: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous questions about Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Can I bring my pet to Furry Weekend Atlanta?

While we all love animals and want them to be part of our lives, for the safety of all attendees we must ask that pets not be brought into the convention area. Exceptions are made for working service animals and animals that may be part of presentations that have been cleared with Furry Weekend Atlanta. Pets (again, excluding service animals) are not permitted in the hotel as well.

I want to be on staff! What do I do?

First, you have to understand that being on staff at Furry Weekend Atlanta is a full-time commitment, entailing 8-12 hours of work a day. Furry Weekend Atlanta gives heavy preference to people who have attended at least one year and have volunteered with the con at least a little bit. For more information on staffing at Furry Weekend Atlanta, please visit our staff page, here.

What is the Furry Weekend Atlanta room party policy?

It is the policy of Furry Weekend Atlanta that what goes on in the privacy of a hotel room is not of the convention’s concern. However, we do ask that room parties be kept to a reasonable size (remember fire marshal restrictions) and that all noise be kept at a reasonable volume. Hotel security WILL break up parties that receive complaints. However, if Furry Weekend security personnel have reason to believe that illegal activities or activities that could threaten the welfare of the convention are taking place at a room party, they have a duty and a responsibility to act to ensure the safety of the convention and its attendees.