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Will vendors be required to service attendees without masks?

No they will not. It is FWA's policy that vendors have the right to refuse service to guests for any reason. FWA will be providing vendors with optional signage to display stating that they require attendees to mask in order to serve them.

What masks do you recommend?

FWA recommends wearing a well-fitting N95 mask or NIOSH approved equivalent if possible.

Otherwise, we recommend wearing a well-fitting surgical mask or KN95 mask.

If you want to wear decorative cloth masks we recommend wearing at least a well fitted surgical mask underneath.

Will I need to wear a mask?

As recommended by the CDC, the requirements for face coverings will be determined by the community level of CoVID-19 at the time of the event.

You can check the current level of community spread and the associated safety recommendations from the CDC here.


We recognizes that we hold a large event in an indoor space and we encourage all guests to wear face coverings regardless of the current CoVID-19 community levels, especially in high exposure areas.

Is there anywhere I can get tested near the convention?

Sure! Many pharmacies and urgent cares offer NAAT tests. Here are a few of the locations closest to the event hotel:


What is acceptable proof of vaccination?

Furry Weekend Atlanta will accept any of the following as proof of vaccination so long as it reflects your full name, type of vaccine administered and date(s) of vaccine administration:

  • Original paper CDC vaccine card
  • Photocopy of original CDC vaccine card
  • Digital photograph or scan of original CDC vaccine card
  • Printed or digital vaccine record from a healthcare provider, government public health agency or appropriate Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) authorized to administer vaccinations
  • Digital “vaccine passport” product; commercial or governmentally sponsored

When do I need my final dose by?

For the purposes of attending Furry Weekend Atlanta 2023, the final primary or booster vaccine dose must have been administered on or before Thursday, April 27th, 2023.

What is considered up-to-date on vaccines?

For those ages 5 and above, you are considered up to date with COVID-19 vaccination when either of the following apply: 

  • You have received an updated (bivalent) booster dose in addition to your primary series of CoVID-19 vaccinations. 
    • The updated (bivalent) booster became available on September 2nd, 2022.  Your most recent booster must have been received on or after that date.
  • You completed your primary (1st) series of CoVID-19 vaccinations between March 11th, 2023 and April 27th, 2023.


What do I need to register?

In registration you must present proof of up-to-date CoVID-19 vaccines, or a valid negative CoVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of picking up your registration.