Elevator Etiquette

TLDR: Please respect each other and staff.


Let’s take a moment to discuss elevator etiquette. Considering the growth of furry conventions worldwide, we understand that many of you might be new to this environment, so let's take a moment to highlight the generally accepted etiquette:


Use Stairs whenever possible

Whenever possible, and if you are able, use stairs and escalators to access the floor you’re looking for. Each of the hotel properties have stair and escalator access between convention floors. Please use these options to reserve small floor movement for those with accessibility needs. Each property has stairs and escalators between all convention floors. Additionally, the Marriott Marquis has stair access to all guest room floors and 2 additional elevators that serve the Lobby, Marquis Level, and International Level. These are toward the back of the property toward the Hilton Skybridge. 



The load capacity of each elevator is 10 people without loads of luggage. We need everyone’s cooperation and support to limit elevator occupancy on convention floors and room floors. With suitcases, fursuits, and wheelchairs, the capacity can’t reach 10 people and that’s okay. If the elevator looks full, it is full. Please don’t try to squeeze “one more in.” Overloading contributes to system strain and eventual breakdown leaving guests stuck.  



Everyone needs to be understanding and provide elevator priority to guests with accessibility needs and Fursuiters. These guests are limited to one handler each. Guests with accessibility needs often need to quickly get to their room or may be unable to use stairs and escalators. Additionally, please remember that being in a fursuit is physically taxing and it is easy to overheat. 


Go in the direction of your final destination. 

Ever heard of the phrase “Don’t go up to go down”? The temptation to get on the very first elevator that opens only gets harder as the time you wait grows. Please understand that this exacerbates the problem. By not getting on the elevator going in the direction of your final destination, you risk overloading the elevators and disrupting the efficiency of elevators for everyone - leading to that long wait you’re trying to avoid.


Reduce elevator travel

Before you leave your room to enjoy the convention or time with your friends, please bring everything you need with you. Plan your day and expect to be out of your room for long periods. By reducing the number of small trips to rooms (to grab a phone charger, snack, or personal belongings) we reduce the stress and load on the elevators. Consider bringing a backpack, fanny pack, or hip bag to carry your personal belongings. Enjoy the convention, don’t waste it waiting in elevator lines. Note: some spaces and large events may require a bag check prior to entry.



Please do not play loud music inside of the elevators. Loud music can harm people’s hearing, especially when in a small enclosed space like an elevator. Additionally, we all need to be sensitive to those with neurodivergent needs that can be put into an unsafe situation with exposure to loud music. Please put your favorite music on pause while in the elevators. 



Please do not forget why we are all here - to express ourselves in a safe space with like-minded individuals. We all hate waiting for elevators, we all want to see our friends, we’re all trying to get somewhere. Be respectful to each other so we can all have a great convention. 


Follow instructions by Staff

Our staff is made up entirely of volunteers, who are doing this out of their love for our community. All instructions from convention staff, security staff and hotel staff must be followed.  Their primary goal is to get everyone where they’re going as quickly as possible.  Members of our all-volunteer staff faced harassment by our attendees while attempting to manage the challenges faced at the elevators last year. This is unacceptable.

Let’s be clear: Refusal to comply with or harassment of our volunteer staff, security staff or hotel partners will result in immediate registration revocation without a refund and potential eviction from the property by hotel security.