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Varsity Jacket Update

We apologize for the delay in shipping for the Varsity Jackets.

Unfortunately, there was a delay with the manufacturers which caused us to be unable to ship them sooner. However, Constore plans to have all orders shipped by the end of this week. Any changes will be announced.

We look forward to getting your orders to you all, and seeing pictures of everyone in their class attire!

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Furry Weekend 2015 is April 9-12 2015

We will be at our new host hotel, the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. Check back for updates to the website and a link when hotel registration is available.

With Sadness

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Filthy Rotten (Tangela Harris Parten), a beloved Georgia Fur and FWA staffer. She succumbed to complications from an emergency surgery at 2:14am PDT April 16th, 2014. Tangela is survived by her husband, Dark Patu (Paul Parten), and three children.


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THANK YOU to everyone for making Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 our biggest and best yet! We loved having you in Atlanta and look forward to a big year ahead of us as Furry Weekend Atlanta makes our next big leap.

Thanks to all our staff members and volunteers who worked hard year round and all weekend at all hours to make the magic happen.

Thanks to our performers and panelists who made some memorable moments and shared their experiences with others.

Thanks to our charity, Conservator’s Center, for being at Furry Weekend Atlanta again. We love supporting you guys and we believe in your mission.

Thanks to the 7,000+ people (OMG!) who tuned in to watch the fursuit dance competition live stream – enough people to crash our website! You know what’s better than watching it on live stream? Seeing it in real life, because the energy is just amazing in person!

But, most of all, thank you, the attendees! You’re the reason we work year round to put together a convention. We love you guys, and we look forward to welcoming you back home next year for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015: Shangri-La – The Furgotten Orient. Coming April 9th-12th, 2015 at our new home, the Marriott Marquis Atlanta!

2014 By The Numbers

  • Total Attendance: 2,488
  • Fursuit Parade Count: Approx. 415
  • Total Raised for Charity: $20,000
  • Factoid: At peak, our registration staff were moving through one person every 4.3 seconds!

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015

- Kiran Lightpaw (the collie in the cowboy hat)
and all your Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 stafff

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Dealer and Artist Tax Form

We just wanted to provide our artists and dealers with access to the 2014 tax forum. Please file your taxes accordingly!

Tax Form

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