What should I expect in terms of crowds, lights, and sounds?

We understand that everyone has different comfort levels with crowds, lights, and sounds. To help accommodate as many attendees as we can, we are improving our plan from 2023. Please reference the schedule and the information below to make your best judgment on how to navigate the event.

The Moonlight Festival is FWA’s highest attended event and it does get very crowded. We are spreading out various points of interest and adding additional space to help ease some of the crowdedness. We will actively monitoring capacity limits with our Fire Marshall. If we reach capacity, entry to the event will pause until we can allow more attendees to enter.

Light and Sound Sensitivity

Near the stage, light and sound levels will change depending on the performances. Generally speaking, before 10:00 PM you can expect higher light levels and lower sound levels. After 10:00 PM you can expect lower light levels and higher sound levels.

The market will have lighting for walkways and lighting for each vendor booth. Although the stage speakers are facing away from the market, the sound levels at the market will fluctuate depending on the performances.

All other areas of the event will have normal light levels and reduced sound levels.