What is Furry Weekend Atlanta’s policy on weapons?

Updated for 2018. 

Real firearms are not allowed on Marriott property, even with a proper permit. The Marriott has a posted a no weapons policy which will be enforced by hotel security and hired police.

Prop Weapons Policy

Prop guns – prop guns are allowed as long as they do not look like a real weapon in any way. This includes both form and color. Nerf guns are one of the best examples of a permitted prop weapon. If it looks like a real gun, even with an orange tip, it’s not allowed. The purpose of allowing prop weapons is complement a costume in keeping with the theme. Props should be space/fantasy themed and not simply be replicas of actual weapons.

Use this opportunity to paint your props bright colors to match your character. We also encourage the use of lights and sounds, where appropriate.

No prop should be operational in a way that can fire a projectile, this includes Nerf darts. Nerf darts should be nowhere on the con floor.

Any props that use “Caps” or a percussion charge (kid’s cap gun), should be modified so as to incapable of firing.

Squirt guns should be rendered inoperative either with a large hole that can not be easily covered or the squirting mechanism removed.

Airsoft guns, paintball guns or BB guns are also not allowed.

Any real, antique firearm, flaregun, starter pistol, movie realistic prop that has been modified not to fire or was designed never to fire, is also prohibited.

Swords- Swords are permitted if in a scabbard. It should not have a “live” (sharp) blade. Be mindful of those around you with the scabbard.

Any other prop weapons should look obviously fake in both form and color. if there are any questionable props, you can stop by CONOPS to have an identifying “Peace Tie” place on the prop.

Prop weapons should be in good taste and FWA reserves the right to make a final determination on the suitability for any prop on the con floor. This policy may be modified at any time in the interest of attendee safety.