Category: Moonlight Festival

Will there be a quiet room in the event space?

No. While the Moonlight Festival will not have a quiet room in the event space, FWA does have a quiet room for all attendees located in the hotel.

If you become overwhelmed during the event, please find the nearest FWA staff member for assistance. There are plans in place to help you exit the event, relocate to the quiet room, or seek medical assistance.

What should I expect in terms of crowds, lights, and sounds?

We understand that everyone has different comfort levels with crowds, lights, and sounds. To help accommodate as many attendees as we can, we are improving our plan from 2023. Please reference the schedule and the information below to make your best judgment on how to navigate the event.

The Moonlight Festival is FWA’s highest attended event and it does get very crowded. We are spreading out various points of interest and adding additional space to help ease some of the crowdedness. We will actively monitoring capacity limits with our Fire Marshall. If we reach capacity, entry to the event will pause until we can allow more attendees to enter.

Light and Sound Sensitivity

Near the stage, light and sound levels will change depending on the performances. Generally speaking, before 10:00 PM you can expect higher light levels and lower sound levels. After 10:00 PM you can expect lower light levels and higher sound levels.

The market will have lighting for walkways and lighting for each vendor booth. Although the stage speakers are facing away from the market, the sound levels at the market will fluctuate depending on the performances.

All other areas of the event will have normal light levels and reduced sound levels.

Is there a schedule for the Moonlight Festival?

Attendees can go through the ID check and wristband check starting at 7:30 PM.

The Marquis Ballroom doors open at 8:00 PM.

The Moonlight Festival Market will be open from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Please check the app for the most up to date schedules on acts, demonstrations, and other performances.

How can I skip the line?

Volunteer! This is one of our biggest events and we need lots of volunteers. If you are interested in helping, email [email protected]

Also all silver, gold, and platinum sponsors will have a separate entrance to the festival.

What are you doing about the line?

We have expanded and increased line capacity and efficiency into the event. Thanks to our registration system, we were able to pilot a new system for ID Checks. Your wristband signifies whether you are allowed in the event. However, to abide by all local and state laws, you must have your ID on you at all times. Our security team and local law enforcement will be spot checking IDs at random.

We will begin allowing attendees to go through the entry process at 7:30 PM. Doors to the Marquis Ballroom open at 8:00 PM. Performances will not start until 8:30, allowing everyone to have ample time to make it to the stage for the performance they would like to see.

We also recognize that many of you spend a significant amount of time getting into your gear and fursuits. Staff will be present to assist those who are wearing fursuits or significant amounts of gear move through the line safely to prevent overheating and/or other safety issues.

What if I need help during the event?

FWA staff will be present at the event help desk and throughout the event to help with any problems. We’re here to help should you have -any- problems. Do not be nervous about coming to us for help.

To help you find us faster, Staff and Volunteers will be wearing high visibility lanyards with an attached FWA Staff Badge or Moonlight Festival Volunteer Badge.

What is the Moonlight Festival?

The Moonlight Festival is our spin on Further Confusion’s amazing Night Market from 2020. We loved the event so much that we decided to bring it to the East Coast. Our event is focused on providing a safe space where our guests can embrace their adult sides and meet more like-minded individuals. Here you can shop for adult merchandise, dance with your friends, make new friends, and even enjoy a beverage at the cash bar. You must be 18+ to enter and 21+ to drink. This is a kink positive event where we encourage our guests to express themselves in ways that they can’t in the general public. Nudity and sexual acts are not permitted.

Is photography or videography allowed?

No. Pictures or videos are not allowed once you pass the entry into the event. This includes using your cell phone. This is for the safety and comfort of everyone attending the Moonlight Festival. If you are caught photographing at the event you will be asked to leave.

While you are waiting in line, you are allowed to use devices in the photo area to take photos while you are in your gear. We will have privacy screens up to shield you from the public.

This year we will have FWA staff photographers to take pictures of our performers and demonstrations. We will not store or post any photos that has visible faces of any attendees without a signed consent form. Our photographers have been trained in asking consent and deleting any photos if that consent is not granted.

We are also adding cameras and projectors to help everyone see what is happening on our main stage. We will not be live streaming any of this content. Any content used for future promotions will also not show visible faces of any attendees without a signed consent form.