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Frequently asked questions about Furry Weekend Atlanta’s host hotel, the Marriott Marquis.

How can I get a hotel deposit refund for FWA 2020?

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis has agreed to refund the room deposit for bookings made in our 2020 room block. We are working with the hotel and will provide further details as soon as possible.

I can’t afford a hotel room. Can I sleep in my car?

Again, you would be exceedingly unwise to do this. The hotel itself will not allow people to sleep in cars, and many of the surrounding parking garages and surface lots have similar policies. You run the risk of being asked to leave.

I heard the hotel is non-smoking. Is that true?

The hotel is 100% smoke free – this includes the restaurant, bar, and all guest rooms. The hotel has also asked us to tell our attendees not to smoke outside the main entrance as it is a heavily trafficked area.

Where is a good place to meet people?

The Marriott is a very large hotel, so it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s plenty of spots to ‘hang out’ on the con floors, and we’ll have tables, sofas and other things spread out for people to gather.

If I make a reservation with a debit card, will it be charged immediately?

Yes it will be charged for 1 night.

When making a reservation, the hotel will charge one full night, plus possibly more to cover incidentals (telephone calls, etc) This money is taken immediately out of your account. If you do get a refund, it will be given back to you, but generally take a week or two for processing. Also once you check in, they will place a hold on the card for the full amount of the room, plus additional for incidentals, and this money will not be available to you until you check out, when the hotel removes the hold and the actual costs are then charged to your room.

For this reason, Furry Weekend Atlanta recommends that you do not use a Debit Card when booking a hotel room.