Guests of Honor

FWA is excited to announce Strype as our first Guest of Honor for 2018. Strype is an artist who hails from Ontario, Canada and is known for his affinity for drawing robots and pretty ladies and combinations thereof. He describes himself as a kindhearted goofball, sci-fi nerd, squad tank and occasional font of deep wisdom for his friends. He’s been with the fandom since 2003 and has never regretted it for even a moment.

FWA is also excited to announce Kazul as our second Guest of Honor for 2018. Kazul is a furry and cosplayer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been an artist since a young age and has continued to grow the breadth and depth of her skills her whole life. Using the skills she learned from her seamstress mother and sculptor grandmother, Kazul began constructing costumes in college starting with a cougar mascot for her school juggling club. Since then she has expanded her repertoire by creating fursuits and cosplays.
In recent years her focus has been on creating creature cosplay projects under the name Kazplay with a focus on hiding the human form. She has received multiple runner up awards at BlizzCon as well as winning 1st place in 2017 with her rendition of Hogger. Kazul believes that cosplay is the most fun when you can embrace your inner beast and play the part to become the creature you are trying to portray.