Guests of Honor

For 2015, Furry Weekend Atlanta is excited to announce that Princess Rei and Silverfox will be joining us as guests of honor.

  Princess Rei has been a local to the Peach State since 2011. Reimina Keishana grew up Texan, where she was introduced to the furry fandom. Inspired by animal cartoons such as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Samurai Pizza Cats, and Looney Tunes, she began to pursue a passion to create compelling characters and stories of her own.

Reimina is currently a full-time freelance furry artist, and can be recognized for her love of pirates and tropics, which is usually reflected in her work. Her favorite art style ranges between semi-realistic to a chibi-toony blend. Alternatively, Reimina runs a pirate-themed Role-Play group called Feralys. Her smaller hobbies include cooking, gardening, sewing, and costuming. Her goals include further work on her Feralys comic, and expanding her variety custom sticker designs.

2015 will be the fourth year that Princess Rei has contributed standee artwork for the convention.

is a freelance artist from Malaysia. He graduated with a degree in Graphic design in 2005 and worked as a graphic designer for almost 6 years. Due to the low paying and un-challenging nature of this field, he decided to quit his full time job and delve into the realm of freelancing.

Silverfox’s art consists of mostly cute chibified animals/anthro equipped with a pair of soul sucking, highly reflective, glossy eyes. His art style is heavily influenced by the Kemono / anime culture in Japan and his favorite artist is Ovopack (Murayama Ryota).

When he is not drawing in his studio (glorified term for his bedroom) he can be seen making plushies, needle felted dolls and clay sculpting.