Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is produced and controlled by Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., a Georgia-incorporated non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to advancing anthropomorphic fan activities in the Southeast and throughout the country.

Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., is in turn controlled by an Executive Committee that is tasked with operating the yearly convention and overseeing the organization throughout the year. The Executive Committee Consists of:

  • CEO, Tiger Paw, a businessman and entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA
  • COO, Tiger Nick, a full time dad and AVL professional from Atlanta, GA
  • Kiran Lightpaw, a professional software developer from Huntsville, AL

Our staff consists of over 80 people!
To help direct all those people, we have Coordinators of each area:

Sable – Art Show
Bunny – Artist Alley
Kai – Audio Video
 - Board Game Room
Jacent – Charity Auction
Badjers – Con Store
Rama – Dealers Den
Malo – Fursuiting
Kiwi – God Level Suite
Feartree – IT Staff
Ranan – Programming
Hux – Communication
 - Set Strike
Cliff Fox – Logistics
Ezra – Registration
Kodie – Security
Angharan – Video Game Room
Without our Volunteers, Staff, Coordinators, or board members, FWA could not run. They are all equally important in making FWA happen each year. Thank you to everyone who helps make FWA possible!