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Coordinator & Director Openings

Coordinators Openings

If you love this con, and we mean truly love this con and want to make a real difference for our guests, then a coordinator position is perfect for you!

Our coordinators are a team of devoted volunteers that want to do more for FWA and more for the fandom itself! We meet regularly (about 20 meetings a year), and will discuss new events and ideas. Coordinator’s come to the meetings prepared with updates about their areas and are always thinking about the next big thing for their department. They work closely with their staff to come up with all kinds of amazing events and achievements. Need examples? How about the Dance Competition, Silent Disco, oh, and ALL the awesome promotional videos you see every year!

Do you like reaching out to new furries? Finding those elusive Georgia furs that still don’t know FWA exists? (And they do exist!) Then maybe running Marketing is right for you! Or maybe you like nurturing the ones that already help the convention, helping them find where they fit, keeping everyone up to date and ready to go; then the staffing coordinator role might be right for you!

Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Everything in the staff responsibilities
  • Leading your area pre-con and at-con
  • Training, developing, recruiting, and retaining an amazing staff to run your area
  • Scheduling your staff, ordering supplies, sourcing equipment the area requires
  • Have a willingness to help out other areas

These positions are vital to the convention; and we have quite a few of them! And hey! If you don’t see one that we absolutely need (we are all sadly human; and that means we miss obvious things!) Feel free to reach out! Check out what we are currently looking for below:

Coordinator Openings

Staffing - The Staffing coordinator is in charge of the onboarding experience for all new staff. They make sure that each new staff member is looped into the relevant chats and gets the appropriate access. They also manage the staffing application and follow ups with coordinators to make sure that interested staff members aren’t missed. Additionally, they’re the core planner for our staff parties and staff kit distribution.

Con Store - The constore coordinator manages online order fulfillment and at event sales for all FWA merchandise. They’re involved in the planning, ordering, and tracking of merchandise from year to year. Additionally, the Con Store coordinator is encouraged to create sales, promotional email, and pursue new and exciting products to offer at the event!

Ad Sales - As Furry Weekend Atlanta grows, we’ve been receiving more and more requests from our community to advertise at our event! The Ad Sales Coordinator is in charge of creating advertising packages for our community that fits their budget. They receive and respond to each request, investigate/vet the requestor, and make the decision on whether or not the requestor is appropriate for our event.

GL Program - The God Level program coordinator is incharge of the God Level experience from registration to event  This coordinator stays in touch with our god level members with newsletters and announcements. They’re in charge of flawless execution of the God Level Dinner, God Level check-in process, and the God Level suite.

Outreach - The outreach coordinator is in charge of two critical components of the FWA experience. Home outreach - Atlanta and Community outreach - our fandom. The outreach coordinator reaches out to local businesses to encourage them to offer our guests specials and discoutns during our event, or even host events for our local community from collar building to mixology! They additionally look for opportunities to go to other events (furry, anime, comic book) to engage with those communities and find those furries that might not know about us yet.

If you think you are qualified and ready to go follow this link to submit an application:

Directors Openings

Are you a leader who can see the really big picture? ? Does committing time and energy to improve not only the con, but the fandom as a whole excite you? Are you good at finances, logistics, problem solving, or negotiating with vendors? Then being a director might be a good fit for you! Then you should apply to be a director!

Our Directors commit a large portion of their time before and during the convention to make sure that the FWA experience is flawless for every single one of our guests. Our Directors run departments made up of multiple high impact convention areas. We might frequently (40+ meetings a year) and are frequently called on to swarm on new and critical issues. Director’s build their teams and work with them to create multi-year plans. Directors are visionaries, operators, planners, and sometimes, situation-diffusers for our amazing community. Directors make sure the  convention operates at the highest level, and as such share in every successes; and failures in running the convention

Director Responsibilities:

  • Everything in Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Developing, Training, Recruiting, and Retaining coordinators
  • Making major decisions about areas of the convention, including financials, policy decisions, and processes/procedures 
  • Finding gaps and weaknesses, then providing solutions to fix them
  • Focus on growing the convention so we can do cool new things every year!
  • Requires flexibility and availability at all hours during the event

The following are the open director positions, these change rapidly, and responsibilities change frequently; if you think there is a need for a new director level position, feel free to reach out! 

Director Level

Community - The Director of community oversees Georgia furs, Volunteering, Staffing, Diversity and Outreach. They work closely with each coordinator in those areas to make sure that all of our departments are embracing FWA’s values. Additionally, the director of community creates, plans, and executes ideas that increase our community involvement and create inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of our operations.

Public Relations - The Director of Public Relations oversees the social media execution of FWA. They are the bridge between the community and our operations team. They keep their finger on the pulse of what’s important to the community and make sure that our organization is staying relevant in our fandom

Registration - The Director of Registration oversees Registration operations, MyFWA development, Kiosk operations, and the God Level program. Registration is the first impression of every guest and the Director of Registration works hard to ensure that the registration process is smooth and quick for every single one of our guests while maintaining the integrity of our processes and operations. The Director of Registration frequently communicates with our attendees through social media and mailing lists.

Revenue - The Director of Revenue oversees each area where money is exchanged at the event (Ad Sales, Artist Alley, Con Store, Dealer’s Den). They ensure that all policies, procedures, and laws are followed carefully in each of these areas. Additionally, the Director of Revenue works with their team to come up with new and exciting ideas to improve the vendor experience each FWA. They balance the needs of our vendors with the needs of our guests.

Creative - The Director of Creative oversees the creative operations at FWA. They are in charge of making sure every creative element, from advertisements to video promos have the same artistic and creative vision. The Director of Creative works with their team to drive greater theming engagement to set FWA apart. 

If you think you are qualified and ready to go follow this link to submit an application: