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Dealers Den Policies

All policies are subject to change without notice. By purchasing space in the FWA Dealers Den, you agree you have read and understand these policies.

Getting In To Dealers Den

Purchasing Space: As of FWA 2018, Dealers Den vendors will be selected via a juried application system. The goal of this system is to insure a diverse array of goods and services for our attendees while also making it easier for new dealers to have a chance at securing a trade booth. 

All prospective Dealers will be required to turn in a portfolio showcasing a selection of the goods or services they will provide at FWA.  These portfolios will be vetted by the jury and the selected dealers will be offered table space in the Dealers Den. Once selected, the Dealer will need to pay before the payment deadline (for FWA 2022, this is December 1st, 2021). Booths not purchased within the timeframe (October 1st to December 1st 2021) will be forfeited, and the booth space will be offered to a Dealer on the waitlist. The jury will be made of a selection of FWA Board Members, Directors and Coordinators.

The Waitlist will serve as a pool for the jury to choose from between January 1st to February 1st 2022. If you are a Dealer placed on the Waitlist, stand by for possible acceptance during the month of January 2022.


Portfolio: We are asking that every prospective dealer submit a portfolio showcasing a selection of their goods or services.  This will allow the jury to get a feel for what you are wanting to provide to the FWA attendees.   The portfolio could be pictures that show your work or links to a website that displays your work.  

If you don’t have a website, don’t stress.  It is not required!  We just ask that you provide us with clear pictures and descriptions of what you are offering. A Google Drive folder is an easy, quick way to provide a portfolio.

Also, don’t be worried about including adult content in your portfolio.  All of the jury is of legal age, and there is no issue with it being included.


What We Look For: 

  1. Quality:  We want to offer the best to our attendees, so we will look at the overall quality of your product.
  2. Variety:  We want to offer a large selection of products to our attendees.  We will look at diversity in your work as well as the overall diversity of products in the Dealers Den.
  3. Quantity:  In order to supply the large number of attendees we have every year, it is important that our dealers be able to provide an appropriate amount of product.
  4. Previous dealer experience is not necessary. However, if you have been a dealer with FWA or another con, please let us know.  If you have them, send in photos of your previous tables.  
  5. Prior violations of FWA policies will also be factored into the decision.


Approval: Once you have been approved you will be sent an email notifying you. If your table is not purchased in time your claim to it will be forfeit and it will be offered to the next person on the Waitlist. If you were approved and you miss out on your table, you can email the Dealers Den Coordinator and request to be placed on the waitlist.  

If you are placed on the waitlist, you will be added to the bottom of the list.  If we reach you again, you will have another 48 hour period to purchase your table.  If you do not purchase it at that time, you will not be added to the wait list again.


General Information

Dealer Booth prices for 2022 are as follows:


Booth Size Space Price Includes
Small 10′ x 7 ‘ $150 1 Table, 2 Chairs, Basic Power
Medium 20′ x 7′ $350 2 Tables, 4 Chairs, Basic Power
Large 30′ x 7′ $580 3 Tables, 6 Chairs, Basic Power
Extra Large 20′ x 20′ $850 4 Tables, 8 Chairs, Basic Power

The allowed height of booth displays is 8 feet.

Wifi is available for $60 per device for the entire length of the convention. Please see the Internet section below for further details.


Table prices DO NOT INCLUDE MEMBERSHIPS. Please consider pre-registering for con memberships.

Hours: The Dealers Den will be open to convention members during the hours listed below, unless otherwise noted. We will make every attempt to communicate changes to dealers.



  • 3:00PM – 10:00PM – Dealer Setup ONLY


  • 8:00AM – 10:00AM – Dealer Setup ONLY
  • 10:00AM – 6:00PM – Open to Membership
  • 6:00PM – 7:00PM – Closing for Dealers ONLY


  • 9:00AM – 10:00AM – Dealers Setup ONLY
  • 10:00AM – 6:00PM – Open to Membership
  • 6:00PM – 7:00PM – Dealers Closing ONLY


  • 9:00AM – 10:00AM – Dealers Setup ONLY
  • 10:00AM – 5:00PM – Open to Membership
  • 5:00PM – 8:00PM – Closing and tear down for dealers ONLY


Please note: Dealers are not required to be in the rooms or selling during the open hours.

Loading dock: Dealers are welcome to use the loading dock, however you may not leave a vehicle there unattended once you are done unloading your items. Please plan to park your vehicle as soon as you are done unloading. The loading dock is located on the Courtland side of the hotel. Courtland is a one-way street and you MUST enter the driveway from that direction.

Memberships: Dealer tables come with NO memberships. All dealers and their assistants must have purchased a membership before they can enter the dealer’s room. On Thursday evening for setup, this rule may be relaxed to allow a dealer or assistants with a preregistered membership to enter the room before they pick up their badge. Dealers and assistants will have a marking on or attached to their badge to show they may enter the room during dealer setup/closing time. All assistants must be connected to a dealer and there is no limit on the number of assistants that can be connected a dealer, but there may only be two people (including the dealer) behind each table at one time.

Dealer Room: The Dealers Den will be secured when not open. Hotel and/or convention security will be patrolling the area at all times. At the discretion of the Dealers Den coordinator, a security person may sleep in the room.

Do not, under any circumstances, leave cash or other valuables inside of the Dealers Den that you may need after the den closes. This includes laptops, MP3 players, or medication. Once the Dealers Den is closed and secured, it will not be reopened until the next morning without good cause. Be aware that leaving work in the room that you wanted to complete overnight generally does not qualify as such.

Taxes: According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, dealers at Furry Weekend Atlanta do not need to obtain Tax IDs or business licenses. Dealers at Furry Weekend Atlanta are classified as “Itinerant Vendors” under the Georgia Tax Code and will still need to deduct and report Georgia State and Fulton County sales taxes.

Total sales tax for the convention is currently 8%. (Note, this may change before the convention starts, you will be notified at the convention what the rate will be) Dealers will need to use Georgia Form FS-32 to report sales tax. Write “MISCELLANEOUS” in the top right corner of the form.

Space: Tables sizes will be announced once the layout is arranged and confirmed with the hotel. Each table will have a table cloth, skirt and two chairs. Each booth has a number of tables acceptable for its floorspace. If you need additional cloths (to cover merchandise), it is advised to bring your own as there may be a limit to the number of cloths provided by the hotel.

Each table will also have at least four feet behind it. If you setup requires additional space behind your table (for display or stock), please let us know as soon as possible.

The height maximum for displays is 8 feet.

We have tried to maximize the number of dealers that can attend, and, as a result, we must ask that all dealers keep the aisles clear and passages open. Stored and displayed items must not impede traffic flow, both in front of and behind tables. We have a maximum limit of two people per full table behind each table.

Table Sharing: Single tables may be split between two individual dealers. However, the second dealer must go through the application process just as the first dealer. Once they have been approved, the second dealer will be listed on the Convention App with their own profile if desired. Double tables may not be split between two dealers. Each dealer will need to apply, and can request to be seated next to another dealer. Please see “Requests” for more information.

Internet: Wireless Internet connection will be available in the Dealers Den. As of this time, FWA is working with the Marriott to provide internet access for $59.95 for the entire convention duration. As much notice as possible will be given if this changes. The convention can not and does not guarantee the up-time or speed of the connection. There is a limitation to 1 device per subscription. Dealers should use this service for credit card authorization and occasional research. Multimedia or video will degrade this shared resource and you be removed as needed for over resource utilization. Further TOS will apply and be shown prior to purchase at con.

Requests: Furry Weekend Atlanta will make every attempt to satisfy any and all special requests, but we can’t guarantee anything. If you have a special request, you are urged to contact us as soon as possible. Requests for electricity and wall space will be fulfilled first. Other requests, such as to sit near a specific dealer or in a specific section of the room, will be the last to be fulfilled. For example, if dealer A requests wall space and Dealer B requests to sit near Dealer A, Dealer B will not be placed next to A unless all request for wall space have been fulfilled. Dealers requesting to sit next to another dealer must have the request matched by said dealer. For example, if Dealer A asks to sit next to Dealer B, Dealer B must ALSO request to sit next to Dealer A.

Display Guidelines & Behavior: Please remember that not everyone may share your tastes, and that your behavior is representative of the entire fandom. In accordance with state law, we must require that any adult material must not be displayed openly; for example, art/print dealers we request, where applicable, that two separate binders (“clean”, “dirty”) be kept. Additionally, any “naughty” parts of must be covered in some fashion (Post-It notes work well for this). This satisfies State requirements about underage viewing and is discreet for purchasers. Dealers are responsible for keeping unsuitable material out of the hands of minors in the Dealers Den. Minors will be clearly identifiable; a sample minor badge will be available in the Dealers Den.

In addition to the above rule, we have several other regulations which we ask dealers to abide by:

  • No space may be resold or transferred without permission from the Dealers Den Coordinator.
  • No loud or annoying displays will be permitted. Any loud noises will be multiplied by the dynamics of the room, so please keep CDs/DVDs at a reasonable volume.
  • No pirated works may be sold in the Dealers Den. Piracy is theft, plain and simple. Exceptions can be made for material that is not readily available in the United States (hard-to-find anime, etc.), but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Anything that you sell that is not entirely your creation; you should have permission from all other parties before selling.
  • Free standing displays or stands may not be used in any way that causes a safety issue or clogs the walkway. If you plan on using a stand or display with your table, please inform the Dealers Den staff so it can be positioned in a way not to cause problems.
  • No weapons may be sold in the Dealers Den. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, but will need to be cleared through security.
  • No more than two people may be behind a single table at any given time.
  • Please keep your area clean and take your trash with you when you close up each night.

The Dealers Den Coordinator will have final say on all disputes in the Den. You can appeal to the Director, but they are likely to decide in favor of the Coordinator. All Furry Weekend Atlanta Policies apply in the Dealers Den.

Waiting List: The Dealers Den waiting list will consist of 30 pre-approved dealers selected from initial applications. Please apply during this period to be considered for the wait list. In the event of a cancellation, the first person on the list will be contacted to fill the space, and so forth.  Payment will not be due until a table is granted to you, however, if you are granted a table off the waiting list, payment must be sent or arranged within 48 hours of your notification of receiving a table. If payment is not received in this time, the dealer will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list. In the event they miss the second opening, they will be removed completely.

Canceling: If you find you are unable to attend, the following rules, subject to change, shall govern cancellations: If you cancel by February 1st prior to the convention, we will refund you the entire cost of your table. If you cancel between February 2nd and March 1st, we will issue you a Dealer credit for Furry Weekend Atlanta the next year. After March 2nd, we will be unable to issue any Dealer credits or refunds. Canceled tables cannot be transferred to other dealers at the request of the canceling dealer, but will go to the next person on the waiting list. FWA is not responsible for upholding promised transfers that violate these terms of service.

Final Notes: Complaints or concerns concerning the Dealers Den should be addressed to the Dealers Den Coordinator at [email protected]. Tables that have not been claimed by 10:00AM on Friday of con, without notification to the staff, will be considered abandoned and given to the next waiting applicant on the list. No refunds or credits will be given for abandoned tables.