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Artist Alley Policies

Hours: Subject to change, Artist Alley will be open 3pm-12am on Thursday, 10am-12am on Friday, 10am-12am Saturday, and 10am-12am on Sunday.

Who to contact: The Artist Alley Coordinator and Staff are responsible for the Artist Alley. If there is a question or concern that arises and no Artist Alley Staff member is available in the Alley, please find any member of staff or security to contact them.

Space: Space in the Artist Alley is available strictly on a first-come, first served basis. There will be no charge for a standard table in the Alley. Each artisan will be assigned a single chair and a half-table space in which to work on projects and offer their wares for sale. Since the tables are assigned on a first-come, first served basis, the number of spaces will be limited to the number of tablespaces in the Alley.

Even if there is no one sitting on either side of an artisan, they may not take the open space.

Space in the Alley cannot be reserved. Artisans will be permitted to leave their space for short breaks (up to 20 minutes), however, it is requested that if the artisan leaves for an extended period, that they take all possessions to free the space for another person. The staff is not responsible for items that an artisan leaves at their table. If space is noticed to be vacated for an extended period of time by the staff, the staff reserves the right to remove the contents of the space to Con Ops and free the table for another artisan. When this happens, the original artisan may claim his or her possessions from the staff in Convention Operations. The original artisan is not entitled to their original space back. If you sit in a seat that is designated for accessibility or power be aware you may be-be asked to move as long as there is another open seat available. If there are no seats available for you to move into you may keep your current spot.

Artisans planning to utilize table space must check in with staff at the staff table by the Artist Entry door. From there you can view open spots and be checked in. This is also where you will purchase a power table if available. To check out stop by the Artist Staff table and let us know you’re heading out.

Power Seats: The Alley has a limited number of seats that may use power. These seats are $20 for the duration of your visit, however, should you leave your table your spot is forfeit. You may still take breaks as per the above rules, no more then 20 minutes. All rules to non-powered tables apply to the power tables. If a non-paying person is in a seat that has power use and has not paid, pending another open seat, they may be asked to yield their seat to the person who has paid for a power spot. Non paying persons are not allowed at seats that have power use if there are no other spots available to take.

Adult Works/NSFW: Material openly displayed in the Artist Alley must not exceed the PG-13 rating of the convention. Any material of an adult nature will be kept by the individual dealers in a closed folder or otherwise covered or unseen location. Additionally, any “naughty” parts in the artwork must be covered in some fashion (Post-It notes work well for this). This includes business cards and all visible promotional materials. This satisfies State requirements about underage viewing and is discreet for purchasers. Artisans are responsible for keeping unsuitable material out of the hands of minors in the Alley. Minors will be clearly identifiable; a sample minor badge will be available in the Dealers’ Den. In addition, if an artist is not of legal age to purchase adult material, they are not of legal age to sell adult material. Any underage artists found selling or offering adult works will be removed from the Alley, and face removal from the con.

Taxes: It is the intention of Furry Weekend Atlanta to remain within the law at all times. All artisans will be required to deduct and report 8.9% sales tax from their transactions. The county is Fulton. Furry Weekend Atlanta will NOT be providing register service – instead, we’ve arranged with the Georgia Department of Revenue to use a special Miscellaneous form, same as our dealers, to report sales tax that does NOT require artisans to have tax IDs. The form, Georgia Form FS-32 is exceptionally simple and should take less than 5 minutes at the end of the day to complete. Assistance will be available for those who need it. Artisans must, however, track their own sales.

Tax Document:

Table Display Rules:

  • Signs which are no larger than 8.5” x 11” may sit on top of the table.
  • You will be allowed to have hanging banners and colored tablecloths for your seat, so long as they do not extend outside your workable area. (3ft wide)
  • You will be allowed one maximum (1) 16” x 16” wire cube for display use. Any displays may be no higher than 16 inches.
  • Tables may not be moved, modified, or damaged in any way, shape, or form. This includes removing table numbers, etc.
  • The sale of pirated material, copied material, or anything the artisan didn’t create themselves or of items that do not feature the artisan’s work is prohibited. The Artist Alley is only for selling personal creations.
  • The Alley is used to sell a plethora of items but we do not allow the sale of single fursuits or partials. You may sell or advertise along with your art but it may not be the only thing you are selling.
  • Should you be seated by an alcove please do not use it for display or storage.
  • No additional storage will be given to artists aside from under your table. Please keep that in mind when bringing belongings and supplies into the Alley. If your items cause a trip hazard you will be asked to remove them. Furthermore, if you are seated at the windows, do not put your belongings against or beside the windows. This blocks the shades from coming down and can be a tripping hazard.

Other Rules and Notices:

  • Only ONE person, the artisan, may be behind a tablespace. No sharing or occupying more than the allotted space, even if the other space is not currently filled. Each space is allotted to ONE artist.
  • Regardless of the availability of seating, if you are not an active artisan, you may not be behind the tables. This includes sitting on the floors or “hanging out.” In the event of accommodations needing to be made, please see a member of Artist Alley Staff.
  • There will be NO sleeping in the Artist Alley. If you are tired, you must give up your space. Anyone caught sleeping will be woken up and asked to leave.
  • Vaping and e-cigarettes are not allowed in the Alley.
  • When you leave your space, make sure to take everything, including your trash. There will be a trash can provided in the room.
  • Please do not leave business cards / promotional materials, or otherwise when you leave your table.
  • Furry Weekend Atlanta is not responsible for connecting artisans to convention attendees, however, we will be keeping a list of current artisans posted as best we can at the Staff Table.
  • Furry Weekend Atlanta is not responsible for missing and/or stolen items out of the Artist Alley.
  • Please do not sit outside of Artist Alley waiting for a table to become free. This crowds the hall and entrance. No weapons are allowed.
  • No open drinks. This includes cans and drinks with open-center dome lids. Artists using watercolors may have a small cup so they may work.
  • No meals. Snacks are allowed but meals should be eaten outside of the Artist Alley.
  • If you are selling chemicals or soaps, do not open the containers within the Alley.

Failure to follow the rules: For the first offense, the artisan will be reminded of the rules and expected to comply quickly with them. For the second offense, the artisan may be removed from the room for a period of 12 hours. For the third offense, the artisan may be removed from the room for the convention. Depending on the offense and actions of the artisan, the staff reserves the right to remove the artisan from the room for any period of time deemed appropriate and/or report them to the Board of Directors for further actions on the first and/or second offense.

Final Notes: Furry Weekend reserves the right to make changes to this policy as needed. The Artist Alley Coordinator will have final say over any disputes and will have discretionary powers in the Alley. Accepting space in the Alley constitutes acceptance of these policies.