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FWA 2022 FAQ

What are your COVID-19 safety guidelines for FWA 2022?

Furry Weekend Atlanta will require everyone attending the event in person to be fully vaccinated against CoVID-19. Showing proof of CoVID-19 vaccination will be required to activate your membership wristband. We cannot know the state of the world in May of 2022, however, we understand that our community is curious about how we plan to host the safest possible event.  Think of this as “If Furry Weekend Atlanta was scheduled for this upcoming weekend, our policy would be…” The information below will very likely change as we get closer to FWA 2022. First and foremost, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022 will comply with all safety guidelines and best practices set by the Centers for Disease Control, the State of Georgia Department of Public Health and the City of Atlanta at the time of the event. Furry Weekend Atlanta will require all attendees, staff members, volunteers, parents and anyone else attending the event in person to be fully vaccinated against CoVID-19. Showing proof of CoVID-19 vaccination will be required for access to the convention space. In addition to vaccinations, masks or coverings over the nose and mouth will be required.  Our final, detailed CoVID-19 safety policy will be released in advance of FWA 2022’s refund deadline. Please visit our website for the latest safety updates for FWA 2022. Please review our most up-to-date Covid-19 safety information here.

Are you limiting attendance at your event?

At this time, Furry Weekend Atlanta is not limiting its attendance for 2022. That being said, we are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and will follow the best practices and guidelines set forth by the CDC and GA Department of Health. Any changes will be updated on our website and social media pages.

I rolled over my registration in 2020, is it valid for 2022?

All registrations that were rolled over in 2020 have been carried over to 2022. You can see, and upgrade, your registration at

I rolled over my God Level membership, will I get the Platinum Sponsorship membership?

We are very thankful to our God Level members who chose to roll over their memberships! Their memberships have been rolled over as “God Level (Gold Sponsor)” Any God Level Roll-over can be upgraded to the Platinum Sponsor level for a fee.

When will the Dealers Den start accepting applications?

We are currently working with our dealers to confirm their attendance at our event. We intend to open our Dealers Den Application on October 1st, 2021. Please keep in mind that the majority of our 2019 Dealers elected to roll over their tables, so additional space will be extremely limited.

When will you accept panel applications

Panel submissions are open! We are accepting them through this form:

When will the hotel open for booking?

September 22nd, 2021 at 4:00pm EDT. For more information, visit 

Will my Hotel Reservation from 2020 be rolled over?

No, all hotel room reservations were cancelled and refunds were provided. You will need to book a room.

Will my suite reservation from 2020 be rolled over?

No, all suite reservations were cancelled. You will need to fill out a new suite request by following the form linked on

What happens if FWA 2022 is cancelled?

Furry Weekend Atlanta is pushing to have our event in May 2022, and at this point, all signs point to us being able to have our event. That being said, It is not possible for us to speak on what could happen in the coming months and things may change. We will do everything in our power to keep our registered attendees informed on any decisions. We ask our amazing guests to remember that FWA has not had an event for two years and this puts us in a very challenging situation as an organization that relies on in-person events.

Will you continue doing Furry Weekend At-Home events?

We are continuing to host streams over on Follow us on Twitch to get notified of each time we go live. We also make announcements over on!

Will con events be available via streaming?

We understand that the pandemic has changed how we interact and watching live streams, both in virtual worlds and in the real world is important to our community. Whereas we can’t stream all the programming that happens, FWA will release a streaming schedule closer to our event for those that are unable to join us this year.

Why were registration prices increased?

Furry Weekend’s chief source of income is the the registration fees that all of our amazing attendees pay each year. Since we haven’t been able to meet in person since 2019 and the very large amount of rollover registrations from 2020, the team at FWA has made the difficult decision to raise prices for the 2022 year to allow us to put on an event worthy of each and every attendee we have. Your registration fees help us push the boundaries of what a Furry event can be and has brought you amazing services like Tokyo Attack’s Japanese arcade machines, the largest convention board game collection in the Southeast, Bean and Bear’s puppet show, traveling performers, and Mystery Skulls! But we do more than just through an event, our amazing Georgia Furs team also (safely) hosts events in FWA’s community space that we acquired in 2019. Furry Weekend wants to change what a “furry convention” is all about. That’s why our team of 100% volunteers dedicate so much time and energy. To give our guests an amazing convention experience, but also make REAL differences in our communities’ lives. All that said, we get it, registration costs for events continue to rise in a climate that many may find it difficult to afford. Therefore we are offering the registration levels at the same cost as 2019 pre-reg up until 11:59p EDT on 9/30/21. The prices before the 10/1/21 are as follows: 
  • Attending - $60.00
  • Sponsor - $110.00
  • Super Sponsor (Silver Sponsor) - $160.00
  • God Level (Gold Sponsor) - $350.00
  • Platinum Sponsor - $800

Will I need to wear a mask during the event?

Please refer to our statement on Covid-19 safety statement for the most up to date information.

Will it be safe to attend conventions?

This is something you will have to decide if you are comfortable doing yourself. FWA will follow and enforce the suggested CDC guidelines when the convention is held to make it as safe as we possibly can. We encourage everyone to be aware of infection rates closer to time.