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Face Coverings at FWA 2022

When we announced Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022, we shared with our community that we did not have all the answers to CoVID-19 related issues, but we would be following CDC guidelines. FWA has continued to monitor face covering guidance and the spread of CoVID-19 throughout the last several months to ensure that we were following CDC recommendations and best practice. Recently, the CDC has rolled back blanket face covering recommendations across the nation. The CDC transitioned to a system based on the spread of CoVID-19 within individual counties, updated weekly. As the spread of CoVID-19 is currently low for 98% of the US population, including Fulton County, Georgia, the CDC rolled back face covering recommendations.

We had planned and in fact were preparing to announce that, as always, we would be implementing this latest CDC guidance. Our website was updated a little early before the official announcement went out via social media. Following the early website update, members of our staff and attendee community reached out to let us know that they would feel more comfortable if we went a step farther than the minimum CDC guidelines and return to our original plan to require all attendees and staff members to wear face coverings while in convention spaces.

We’re in a tough spot. Atlanta, and the hotels that are hosting our events, do not have face covering requirements. Even though we are a private event, our event is held in another business with their own policies and guidelines. As such, in the host hotels, it is not possible for us to enforce a blanket face covering policy.

Despite this, we still hear you. Furry Weekend Atlanta is organized by our community for our community. Therefore, we are asking all guests to wear a face covering while inside any exclusive convention space.

What does this mean?
Staff and registered attendees of Furry Weekend Atlanta will be asked to wear face coverings while in all exclusive convention spaces.

What is an exclusive convention space?
We can only ask that attendees wear face coverings within areas of the hotel that are exclusively dedicated to Furry Weekend Atlanta. This includes the staffed registration area and rooms or spaces where you must scan your wristband to gain entry. Open spaces in the Marquis, Lobby, and Atrium levels along with the restaurants and shops are not exclusively dedicated to Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Will there still be people present in the hotel (s) without face coverings?
Yes. Furry Weekend Atlanta can only request that our registered attendees and staff comply with our code of conduct. We have no control over hotel staff, outside vendors or outside visitors to the hotel / shops / restaurants who aren’t part of our event.