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Mystery Skulls

We’re glad you’re as pumped for Mystery Skulls as we are! This will be your one-stop resource for all things Mystery Skulls!

Event Information

Event Capacity:

We were blown away by the support and excitement that our community has given the announcement for Mystery Skulls! We expect that our Main Events Room will be FULL during the event. We’re confident that we will be able to accommodate most of our guests but there is a potential that we will have ask guests to wait outside of the room in a line until more room frees up. Check out information on our VIP Pass for information on how to be guaranteed space!


We know you want to be the FIRST person inside the concert, and who can blame you! Lines will be setup and clearly labeled so you know exactly where to go! We will start the queuing process 2 hours pre-event!

How do I get in?!

If you’ve registered for the convention, you have access to the concert at no extra charge! Your support for our convention is how we can book big-time artists like this and we want to say THANK YOU!

Here are some more details on the entry process:

General and Sponsor Registration:

All Attending and Sponsor level guests registered for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019 will be permitted entry into the concert.  

Super Sponsor and God Level Registration:

All Super Sponsor and God Level guests registered for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019 will be permitted entry into the concert. Super Sponsor and God Level guests receive priority entry into the event once doors open. Once the event has started, Super Sponsor and God Level registrations are asked to wait in the General and Sponsor registration line for entry.

Day Pass:

Please note that the Saturday only Day Pass for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019 is the only Day Pass that grants entry into the concert. Guests with the Saturday Day pass will enter through the General and Sponsor Registration line.

VIP Access Pass:

The VIP access pass offers the pass holder guaranteed entry into a fully sectioned off area at the front of the Main Events room.

The VIP Experience also comes with an exclusive opportunity to meet the artist before the show during a meet the artist panel.

The VIP pass is available at and, if still available, will be sold in Event Registration for $100. Please note, attendees must be registered for the event (Saturday day pass, or any level of FWA weekend membership) to attend the concert.

VIP passes are limited! Please plan accordingly.


Fursuits are encouraged and welcome for our event! We will be moving the Fursuit Lounge into a bigger location with direct access to the event so you don’t need to leave to cool off!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I’m Mystery Skulls BIGGEST FAN and I can’t miss this concert. How can I guarantee that I get a good spot?
    • I hear you! Make sure that you look into our VIP experience that guarantees your access into the event, and even a private meet and greet with the artist! You must have a membership to Furry Weekend Atlanta in addition to the VIP pass.
  • Will seating be available?
    • This is an EDM style concert so seating is very limited. The room will be open mostly to guests who want to shake their tail feathers! We can not guarantee that seats will be available. If you have a special need please email [email protected]
  • Do I have to pay to see Mystery Skulls?
    • All registered attendees holding an Attending, Sponsor, Super Sponsor, God Level, and Saturday Day Pass have access to the event for no additional charge. Space is limited, so arrive early!
  • Will the public be allowed into the event?
    • Mystery Skulls is bigger then just Furry so there is a likelihood that the public will catch wind of the event and want entry. All concert guests must be registered with the convention and abide by the conventions rules.
  • I plan to watch the Dance Competition, can I just stay inside the room?
    • No, unfortunately to setup for the concert after the Dance Competition, the room must be completely cleared of all non-event personnel.