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Hello everyone, we have received a great deal of feedback. We want to address some of the discussions that have been taking place.

But first, we want to let you know that your interactions with our social media accounts are run by volunteers, just like the rest of the convention. We appreciate your patience as several social media team members needed to take a break for mental health reasons. We welcome constructive feedback, but we ask you to keep that in mind.


Compensation of DJs

The discussion around the topic is misinformed, and we are providing a clarification:

Community DJs selected to play at FWA will receive complimentary registration as a thank you for performing.

The change was actually in response to feedback, and it was slated to be unveiled for FWA 2020. Due to the global pandemic, we haven’t had the opportunity to communicate this change because there hasn’t been an FWA 2020 or FWA 2021. For comparison, DJs previously received the same benefits as Panelists and received a thank you gift.

The upgrade in benefits was not widely communicated, but the information can be found in the DJ application. People who have applied to FWA as a DJ would be able to see this on the application form. We will be updating the website in the near future to make the upgraded benefits easier to find. 


Discussions Around Booking Talent

The short answer? Our events team’s goal is to organize and create a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for our guests, the attendees of FWA. The team has worked to craft really cool experiences at previous FWAs that aren’t usually found at other furry conventions. To be clear, their goal is to craft a cool experience that people can enjoy. If you have suggestions on talent that you’d like to see perform, please reach out! Our team is always open to suggestions for better talent. 

We do not ask professional talent to market our event on their channels. Instead, we encourage the talent that we book to take the opportunity to interact and get to know our community better to see how incredible the furry fandom is. The talent that we book gets a chance to see the fandom at its best.

Some of you have mentioned the performance by Mystery Skulls as one of the highlights of their FWA experience. It was the biggest and most energetic event we’ve ever had, and the event created many great memories for our attendees. We want to do more of that. Mystery Skulls is an avid advocate for our community. We embraced him at our event, and he could not stop telling us about the positive experience he had interacting with our community.

We continue to pursue and book furry performers for the convention. For 2022, we’ve already announced; Run, Definitely Run, and Trio Menagerie. That might not be all. We’re still in discussions with other furry artists that may join us for this year.

About the concern that the act is taking slots away from the DJs: Dance hours have been expanded accordingly. We have not taken away DJ spots. We believe that having our furry DJs open and close for professional acts such as Mystery Skulls, FRND, and Essenger holds immense value. DJs and musical performers actively pursue these opportunities in the festival and concert world. We’re here to build bridges and opportunities for the furry community.


Closing Thoughts

Y’all, it’s been an incredibly tough three years. Our staff of over 150 volunteers are people who care deeply about the furry fandom and are volunteering their time and efforts to make Furry Weekend Atlanta possible because we want to give back to the fandom. Events like these are opportunities for us to unite, have a shared experience, and create memories. We want to continue improving as an organization and keep working to push the boundaries of what a really great convention can be.

We can’t wait to see you all at FWA 2022.