How Do I Help?

If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer please apply to be a volunteer at http://www.myfwa.com and click on the “Apply to Staff or Volunteer” option on the dashboard. It is the green smiley face, because our volunteers are awesome. Be sure to list your areas of interest in the order of preference and we’ll try our best to match you up with where you want to be! Please note, you must volunteer either prior to or at a previous FWA to be eligible to join us as a staff member. So if this is your first time helping us out we ask that you apply to volunteer to see if you’d like to become even more dedicated.

As a volunteer, you are welcome to work as many hours as you can contribute and we offer plenty of perks! Here’s how we like to say thank you:

10 Hr. – $10 Constore Credit
15 Hr. – $15 Constore Credit
25 Hr. – A membership to the next FWA!
40 Hr. – Membership to the next FWA and a $20 Constore credit


Here are a few areas that are always looking for more help:

Hospitality: Got a burning need to know what it is those God Level furries are up to? Volunteer with hospitality and you’ll be able to help out with the consuites! Duties may include: keeping things clean, fetching ice, keeping the paparazzi out of the God Level Suites, and making sure the food doesn’t run out.

Animal Control: Got sharp eyes? Many areas of the convention are Badge Only and we’ll need YOU to make sure that everyone has an official FWA badge.

CONOPS – (formerly security)- This area is usually staffed by staff, instead of volunteers. If you would like to help out, Animal Control is under CONOPS and is a great place to get started.

Dealer’s Den: Here we’ll need help setting up before the con and breaking down after the con.

Fursuit Games: In this section, we’ll need some help setting up and breaking down the games as well as monitoring them.

Registration: Registration needs your help too! We’ll need some friendly furs here to help with printing and laminating during the con. It’s going to be busy work so don’t forget your game face!

Main Events: Getting our Main Events room set up before the convention, and striking it after the convention is no small task! You also get to work with some really cool people an equipment.

And many others!

How do you get started? Do one of the follow or better yet, all 3.

  1. Go to this Google form and fill out a staff/volunteer application. (this is a new application process)
  2. Join the Telegram Volunteer chat https://t.me/volfwa
  3.  Show up at the volunteering desk onsite and find out what you can do to help.

Make sure you log your hours onsite with an area coordinator so you get proper credit. They will have a clipboard with a sign in sheet.

Fursuiting while volunteering – While you’re welcome to suit while helping, time spent helping while in suit doesn’t officially count towards volunteering. As volunteers you must be able to speak to attendees and staff and be easily understood. We are also called upon to perform tasks such operate a walkie-talkie, plug in wires, check badges or move quickly and safely up and down stairs in large crowds.

There is no age requirement. As long as you a valid con attendee (minors must have signed, notarized permission slip), you are welcome to volunteer.

There is no minimum time commitment for volunteers. Volunteer as much or a little as you want, it’s up to you.

Hours do not carry over from year to year. You must sign in and out on the volunteer sheet in the area you volunteer for hours count. Load-in/load out hours count double