Print Shop

Furry Weekend Atlanta is excited to offer two new services this year at FWA 2018!

On Demand Printing is a service for artists to make their art available for sale via our Print Shop, without having prints made ahead of time! For artists who choose to participate, this means you will not have to bring folders and folders of prints, we can make high quality prints for you on demand! The artist can send buyers to the Print Shop during the convention to make purchases, as well as sell art to people who browse through our catalog. FWA does all of the printing, handling of money, and distribution. 10% of all sales count as a charitable donation and 25% of the sale price goes to the original artist. This also means that those who were not able to attend can still sell their wares via our catalog!

If you would like to submit your artwork for approval for sale through our On Demand Printing service, please email:

How does it work?

  • Artists submit their artwork to FWA and select what size prints, canvases, etc they would like to offer.
  • Shoppers select artwork from the catalog, choose a size, and come pick up their print when ready!
  • FWA prints, packages, and delivers all orders directly at con, or we can ship to home for an additional charge to the customer.

How do I benefit?

  • No overhead or inventory! We print nothing until it’s ordered, you don’t need to keep extra stock at your table, and you don’t even need to be at con to use the service!
  • All you do is advertise! Simply let your customers know your work is available at the shop, either through your online galleries and social media or in person, and we’ll handle everything else!
  • We write you the check! Once the convention is over, you’ll receive an invoice for all items sold along with payment!

Artist Print Services will be available to artists who will have their choice between gallery quality matte or gloss paper, as well as cotton-poly blend canvas. We also offer stretched canvas services. These orders will be available for pickup on day one of FWA, so that you may have them to sell at your table! Artists may also have their art printed at con, but please plan ahead as demand for these services may be high. Discounts are available for pre-orders placed before March 1st. Shipping services will be available soon for all of your convention printing needs! Find more information on our Artist Print Services page or email:

 Artist Print Services