2018 Poster Contest

FWA 2018 Galactic Gunslingers Poster Contest

Have your work displayed in poster format for the entire con to enjoy - and win some fun prizes!

This year we’re sponsoring two poster contests and introducing our new, on-demand con Print Shop! The Print Shop will provide high quality, on-demand prints, including your winning designs!

Create a Wanted or Propaganda style poster based on this year’s theme - Galactic Gunslingers!

Wanted Poster:

Outer World Order

The “bad guys” - are believed to be responsible for the destruction of the Interstellar-85 loop last year, and are now seeking to control all of the PHuntanium in the galaxy.

Propaganda Poster:


The defenders - are sworn to protect the inhabitants of Mining Planet MP030, and stop OWO from robbing the galaxy of PHuntanium.


The explorers - scour the deepest edges of space in search of greater knowledge about their origins the planet. OWOs disruption of PHunds has put their data collection mission at risk.


The creators - are the best scientists and engineers in the galaxy. They were the original pioneers of Mining Planet MP030, and OWO threatens to take it all away with their campaign to control the PHuntanium marketplace.

Enter and Win!

FIRST PRIZE - Dealers' Den table*

Winning entries will be selected by a panel of judges.

Not every entry will be printed, but our finalists will be printed for display alongside the winners!

*may be used for FWA 2018 or FWA 2019, winners choice

FINALIST PRIZE - Posters will be displayed in the Con Store for purchase and printed in our very own Print Shop!

Winning entries will be selected by a panel of judges.

Specs- 3600×5400, 24" x 36" at 300 pixels per inch in tiff, high quality pdf, or png.

Email your submissions to creative@furryweekend.com before March 9th to enter!

Feel free to include your Twitter, FA, or other art site names on your poster!

Printed entries will be displayed at FWA Galactic Gunslingers, 2018.

By submitting your art, you grant Furry Weekend Atlanta a license to use, publish, and modify without limitation, the poster art, and any derivative artwork created. Artist also retains rights to sell their submitted artwork as long as it does not include the FWA logo, FWA Galactic Gunslingers Logo or any changes that might imply official convention merchandise.

Contest Q&A:

Q: Should I include the FWA Logo in my art?
A: No, we just wanna see your furry take on a gunslinger poster!

Q: I’m in the Dealers' Den/Artists' Alley. Can I make prints and sell my submission at the convention?
A: Yes! Our intent is not to prevent you from using your art, we’d just like to feature it too! Additionally, we can sell prints for you in the FWA Print Shop and give you a commission on any of yours that sell.

Q: Will all submissions be printed?
A: Sadly, no. A panel of judges will select the top three winners. Some of the finalists may see their work printed as well, however!

Q: Should I keep my entry hidden?
A: No way! Show them off, but make sure to send them in by March 9th!

Q: Can I use anthro characters who already exist in sci-fi or related genres?
A: We would like to see your unique twist. Try turning a human character into an anthro instead!