The Great Furscape: Escape the Room!

Furry Weekend Atlanta proudly presents a fun new group event at FWA 2017: Game On!  – The Great Furscape: Escape the Room!

Join Hutch Fox in a fun, team-based game of escape the room! There are several times to play Thursday through Sunday, so be sure to look through the schedule at or on your iPhone or Android phone app. Teams, up to six people,  should register for their desired time slot ahead of time by emailing or messaging @HutchtheFox on Telegram or Twitter. Don’t have a group? That’s ok! Select your times and we’ll find a team for you to join!

Professor Paws is very close to developing a new virtual gaming system that transports the player into the game of the players choice. So instead of playing the game, you are living the game. If he succeeds it will be the First Ultimate Reality System (FURS).

Hutch, working at his office cleaning overnights stumbles on this system and decides to try it. He is transported into the game world and you have one hour to help free Hutch before he is trapped inside and can’t get out! ​You must make your way through Professor Paws office and laboratory to find clues and solve puzzles to help Hutch escape.